Textile and Apparel Industry

Textile and Apparel Industry

Application description

Laser equipment is becoming more and more popular among fashion designers. Whether engraving velvet or making fancy cuts, almost any design can be processed with laser equipment. The faster processing speed of personalized graphics design ensures that each product is unique even in mass production. Compared with cutting with blades or scissors, laser cutting of single-layer textiles is more efficient. The laser also melts the cut edges containing synthetic materials when processing textiles. Get a clean and perfect banding.

Textiles can be cut and engraved with CO2 laser equipment. Synthetic fabrics (such as polyester or polyamide) are very suitable for laser processing. During the laser cutting process, the laser beam melts the synthetic material in a controlled manner, effectively preventing the generation of wear debris. In the laser engraving process, the upper layer can be removed more or less according to the process, so as to achieve various contrast effects.


Typical Application

In the textile and apparel industry, common laser applications are:


Textile laser engraving


Fast and precise textile laser cutting


Fabric marking and engraving


Accurate laser cutting of clothing leather

Customer revenue

Laser equipment is a very versatile tool in the fashion industry. Use lasers to cut unique patterns on fabrics, create patterns, refined garments or accessories-laser equipment combines precision and flexibility. When cutting, the laser beam can melt the synthetic material, which greatly reduces the threads produced by the fluffy material. Get a clean and perfect edge banding. Using laser engraving can get more realistic tactile effects. This means that the final product can be made specifically.

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